Cassese Manufacturing Framing Equipment_v-nails_cartridge wedges_flexipoints Concepteur et fabricant de materiel et consommables pour l'Encadrement Professionnel et distributeur pour la plastification. Progettista e Fabbricante di Attrezzature (Seghe, Assemblatrici, Graffe a w, punti flessibili...) per i Corniciai Professionali Disenador y fabricante de maquinas (ensambladora,doble sierra,guiotina) y consumibles (grapas,puntas flexibles) para el enmarcador profesional Cassese Rahmenbau Equipment,Klammern,Magazine,flexipoints 卡斯专业相框机械及相关产品制造商

Inventor and World No.1 Manufacturer of Picture Framing Machines & Consumables Since 1976

Designer and Manufacturer of Underpinners (V-Nailers), Choppers, Double Mitre Saws, Fastening Robots, Plastic Cartridge Wedges, UNI & AL Wedges (V-nails), Flexipoints, Hangers & Hinges

Inventor & world N° 1 manufacturer of underpinners, wedges and flexipoints

Underpinner Cassese CS199MXL Double Mitre Saw Cassese CS960 Cassese provides all over the world with high quality underpinners, modern chopper guillotine and double mitre saws, as well as worldwide known superior quality of cartridge wedges, Masters v-nails for all brand names of underpinners and flexipoints in 15mm & 25mm.

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Beware of Copies Beware of Copies ! Always check that the Cassese logo is on top of your cartridge...

CS4008 UNI CS4008 UNI New version of the Best-Seller CS 4008XL, but using "UNI" wedges

Range of Special Clamps by Cassese France Range of Special Clamps Compatible with all the Ultra, XL and CS276 underpinners

cassese MASTERS V-NAILS MASTERS™ V-NAILS For other brands of underpinners

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